The player can perform favors for NPCs or other players to gain respect and items.

Aiding NPCs (Pending Development) Edit

NPC Favors are not yet featured in Atajrubah

How to aid NPCs

Speak with NPCs and learn what they need. Complete their tasks to be rewarded with supplies or discounted prices.

Smithy Favors

Get discounted prices on weapons by selling iron directly to the Smithy.

Aiding Players Edit

Protect trusted friends

Find someone you can trust to watch your back. Your gear is valuable. If you don't know who's next to you, you may not survive when they decide they want your stuff. Take a risk and try to make friends. Learn who wants to kill you and stay away from them!

Create trade arrangements with Merchant Players

Someone out there deals in weaponry, so chances are they need a lot of Iron. Become a supplier for them and turn your mining efforts into hard cash.

Favors Video Edit