Game Mechanics are outlined here

Hunger and ThirstEdit

As with any survival situation one may face, in order to stay alive you need to gather food and water.

Satisfying Hunger

The player can eat Dates to live, though they are scarce at first. Once you have crafted a Stone Hammer you will be able to harvest Dates from Palm Trees.

Collecting Water

It is possible to collect water from water vases that can be found scattered around the world. Once you have crafted a Waterskin you will be able to gather water from wells and other sources of water.

Night and Day Edit

The twenty-four hour day/night cycle is 16 minutes long, with 8 minutes of Day time and 8 minutes of Night time. As development progresses this day/night cycle will influence game-play and creature behaviors.

Riding a CamelEdit

The player may mount a Camel and ride it across terrain.


To mount a Camel, the player must stand near it, look at it, and type the word "use" into the console. Typing "use" again will dismount the player.

Packing (Pending Development)

Camels are able to carry an extended inventory for the player, given the player has fashioned a Camel Pack to it. This is done by using a Camel Pack on the Camel. Once equipped to the Camel, the player can access the Camel Pack inventory by opening their inventory window nearby to the equipped Camel.

Health Benefits (Pending Development)

While riding the Camel, the player's hunger and thirst will deteriorate at a slower rate than if the player was walking or running.

Mechanics Video Edit