Tools are useful for manipulating the environment and obtaining crafting ingredients. Tools can be used as weapons, but deal low damage to foes.

Gathering Tools Edit

Gathering Animal Skin and Meat

The player may harvest the skin and meat from any fresh animal carcass.
Currently the player does not have to use tools to do this.
(Pending Development)
The player must be carrying a Knife of any kind to harvest skin and meat from a fresh animal carcass. Some knives are more effective for skinning and butchering. For example, using the Gut Hook Knife to harvest animal skin and meat will produce a higher yield.

Gathering Lumber

The player may gather lumber by picking it up from areas where it spawns into the world.
(Pending Development)
The player may use a Felling Axe to cut down trees to obtain Lumber.
The Rounding Axe is used for increased cutting speed on Hardwoods and a Wedge Axe is used for increased cutting speed on Softwoods.

Gathering Ore (Pending Development)

The Pickaxe is used to mine Ore. Harder ores like Diamond must be mined with a Pickaxe crafted from harder materials such as Iron.

Gathering Fruit

Palm trees drop Dates when bashed with the Sledgehammer, which can be eaten to satisfy hunger.

Structural Tools (Pending Development) Edit

Tools in this category are used to build, repair, destroy, or disassemble player-built structures.

Destroying Structures (Pending Development)

Weapons of any kind can be used to damage/destroy structures. Damage from weapons is based on the weapon's hardness and striking force. The Sledgehammer is the most powerful weapon a player can use to destroy structures. Structures destroyed in this way do not yield any resources.

Dissembling Structures (Pending Development)

The Salvaging Hammer will destroy a structure that you own, releasing materials that can be re-used. Some resources are lost in this process. The Salvaging Hammer can be upgraded in efficiency, granting a greater return on structures dissembled by it.

Repairing Structures (Pending Development)

The Repair Hammer will repair a structure piece at %10 per strike. The player must have adequate resources used to fix the structure will automatically be deducted from the player inventory.

Tools Video Edit